About Us

Hi. Welcome. Super busy? Really tired? Need a cold beverage?

You've come to the right place. This is THE spot for a mom just like you.


Because we get it. Oh, Honey. We get it.

We, too, aspire to be the Gourmet Cook, Perfect Laundress, Goddess-Mother, Organic Queen, and Wife-of-His-Dreams.

But we're not any of those things on a regular basis.

And you're probably not either.

But we're AWESOME anyway.

So, we've created this here blog as a "How-To" for all things "normal."

Cheap, quick, easy, and do-able. That's what we're all about around here.


Some days all we ingest is Diet Coke (because we're busy).

Some days we yell at our kids (because we're frustrated).

Some days, we blog instead of do the dishes (because we're tired.)

But some days we read to our kids, or we do projects, or we put 18 loads of laundry away (because we're making an effort).

Either way, it's a sweet life.

So welcome. Sit down, stay a while, and be glad. The Diet Coke Diet is for everyone.


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A Little Disclaimer

We do not represent, advertise or work for Coca-Cola Classic at all, in any way, shape or form. The images seen here are the sole property of Coke, and we borrowed them off Google Images. "The Diet Coke Diet" is NOT AN ACTUAL diet. Good grief people. Of course it isn't. Man can not live on Diet Coke alone. Woman on the other hand...

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