How to Make Pants

>> Tuesday, November 2, 2010

With no pattern...

Now, don't judge. I realize that after THIS post I have no business talking about how to make pants, but in reality, I really REALLY know how. Scout's honor!

Step One: Choose fabric. For anything 4T or smaller 1 yard will work, anything bigger needs more, obviously. For jammies, flannel is fun. For "real" pants, you can do corduroy, or cotton or denim.

Step Two: Use a pair of pants that you already have as a guide.

From The Diet Coke Diet

Step Three: Use the pants as a guide, and pin them to your fabric, folded in half, to make a one-legged "pattern." Cut the leg out, giving yourself an inch seam allowance, except for the waist, and hem.. Do FOUR inches for the waist, and however much you need for a hem you'll be happy with. (I do about two inches.)

Step Four: Unpin the pants, and flip them over, so you're making ANOTHER leg, two sided. Repeat the cutting out of the pants. You will have two legs that when laid next to each other, look like pants.
From The Diet Coke Diet

Step Five: Sew up each pant leg on the OUTSIDE edge all the way to the top. Sew up each inside leg to the ANGLE (which is the crotch.) STOP sewing before the crotch.
From The Diet Coke Diet

Lookit! Pant-type-looking-thing!

Step Six: Turn one pant leg right side out, and leave the other inside out.
From The Diet Coke Diet

Step Seven: Stick the RIGHT SIDE OUT leg inside the INSIDE OUT LEG and pin the crotch together. And sew the half circle seam.
From The Diet Coke Diet

Woah! Pants.
From The Diet Coke Diet

Step Eight: Do the waist band (some things never change!)

Step Nine: Do the hem.

Step Ten: Wear the pants (or have your kid wear them.)

Here is a stack of little boy pants I made from an old sheet.
From The Diet Coke Diet

Incidentally, this is the same fabric I attempted to create my OWN pants and failed so miserably. But, see??? I can do it. And so can you.

Here are the pants in action, Oliver DESTROYING the kitchen.
From October 2010


JessieMomma November 4, 2010 at 10:27 AM  

Just one question... Is that a rubber chicken in the blender?! LOL

I love the way you used to finished edge of the sheet as your hem! Genius!

Morgan -Ing November 11, 2010 at 7:19 PM  

Yes, I bought that sheet and thought, "Look they are already hemmed for me!" FANTASTIC! $2.00.

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