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>> Tuesday, August 30, 2011

From August 2011
Ezra enjoying gnawing toothlessly on an organic carrot stick. YUM. 

I can not tell a lie. Eating conventional foods is MUCH MUCH cheaper than eating their organic counterparts.

I will not be going into WHY one should eat organic foods beyond this:. the facts are simple: our world is sick. Our children are sick. Autism rates are painfully high, allergies are terrifying real, asthma is plaguing people. People are obese and dying from it. Pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, antibiotics and hormones infect our food at alarming levels.

Organic takes food to a different level.

If you don't care, can't care, don't have the energy, I totally get that because I have been there. Maybe a small change here or there might make you happier and the world a little better. Maybe not. Totally YOUR CALL.

Ain't life grand that way?

If you're interested at all, then you should give it a whirl. Gone are the days of organic=cardboard. Healthful, organic foods are available in every single variety a person could desire, for every type of diet on the planet.

If you're not convinced do some further googling. I promise you'll see what I'm saying. I'm a convert to the whole institution, and no I do not eat and feed my family organic foods 100% of the time. But I do as much as I can, which is far more than it used to be. I'm getting better each and every week.

So, let's say you WANT to eat organic, but need to be careful on your budget? Welcome to my new series:


Awesome-sauce. I know.

Today's lesson: It's more of a "don't worry" than a "do do."

Don't bother with organic bananas.

Yup. If you want bananas, just buy conventional ones.

Why? Because the skins are VERY VERY thick on bananas. So while they are still covered in pesticides and other yuckies, the fruit itself is fairly well protected.

If you're eating on a budget, don't spend your careful grocery budget on organic bananas. There are things that matter FAR more.

There? Don't you feel good? You're ALREADY ON THE RIGHT PATH!


Stay tuned friends. This is a good one!


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