World Record of Diet Coke Consumption

>> Monday, March 29, 2010

While I am not entirely sure that this world record actually exists, if it did, I might win, if you look at the span of the last four days.

Suffice it to say, that we are mid-relocation. We're on to the unpacking part, and that at least does not include ANYMORE heavy lifting. I say that, as if I did any heavy lifting whatsoever, which I did not.

But I did hold my Diet Coke from McDonald' ($1 for ANY SIZE!) and shout about where to stack boxes.

It's really awesome.

So, since we're still unpacking, and Erin my co-Diet-Coker has just returned from Vegas herself after her husband ran/biked/swimmed a triathlon (show-off!) we are sort of all kerflumaxed.

But stick with us, Dear Fellow Diet-Cokers, I'll be back in a wink with another installment of GOING PAPERLESS! YAYAY!

Contain yourselves. I know, I KNOW it's exciting.

We are also cooking up awesome other series that are going to have you INSANELY happy with us. Let's just say, we're going to do the weeding through/leg work of the "How-to" world (isn't that what we ALREADY do???) and you're GOING TO LIKE IT!

Hugs N' Kisses and carbonation!

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