How to Save Money--Cash Edition

>> Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We all know that really truly leaving within our means is the ONLY way to avoid the pitfalls of debt, credit cards, collections, and all the fun that comes with NOT being able to pay bills.


So, why the freak is it so hard sometimes?

We've been married seven years, and in that time our income has varied SO much that our budget changes like every 12 weeks, I swear. Plus add in child after child and it continues to change constantly.

But, one thing has remained a constant in our financial situation:

Cash makes me uncomfortable.

And that is a good thing.

When I have a wad of bills in my wallet, I am SO very aware of where every penny is going. Do I really need a 44 oz Diet Coke for $1.24 if I have a can at home? (By the way, a lot of days the answer to that question is YES!).

When I am using cash to pay for everything (minus bills because those are all autopay) I have no choice but to confront my spending habits. I have no choice but to look long and hard at mindless spending.

Sliding a debit card is like PLAYING PRETEND. The money is coming from somewhere in a FAR AWAY land.  Sliding a credit card is LIVING IN LALA LAND, a far away fantasy land.

When cash is king, I find I spend less because it is REAL and TANGIBLE.

Try it. Dave Ramsey even has a fancy envelope system for those trying to get out of debt. It can be DONE!

It's super easy to say, "Don't spend more than you have." It's MUCH harder to actually not SPEND MORE THAN YOU HAVE.

If you don't have the cash, you're not allowed to buy it.

(Homes, cars and education are your own business. I'm talking about everyday-type purchases here.)

So, go to the bank, get your weekly food, gas, and extras budgets in cash and see how far you can stretch it.

You might be shocked at how good you are at it. Or you might find an empty wallet and wonder who robbed you. Either way, it's always a cool experiment.

Anyone have any stories of cash success?

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The Nelsen Family: September 16, 2010 at 5:08 PM  

I love Dave Ramsey's envelope system, we spend SO much less when we do that.

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