How to Make Easy Halloween Decorations

>> Monday, October 25, 2010

Well, if you're like me, the fact that Halloween is this week is BLOWING MY MIND. I mean, seriously.

Anyway, so I have my standard Halloween decor that goes up every year, but this year, we've had a blast creating our own fun things. Spencer and Henry are big enough to do very simple crafts, and turning them into decorations has been so fun for them. To see THEIR work decorating the house has been cute.

So, here are some simple, easy decorations you can make this week to jazz up the house before All Hallow's Eve.

1. A Halloween banner. Either with Halloween paper or fabric, let the kids help cut out the shapes, and if you're using paper, staple them to a bias tape or yarn, if it's fabric, sew it on. SO easy and fun.

From The Diet Coke Diet
2. Q-Tip Skeletons. I just found the skeleton picture on Google Images and then cut up Q-tips in different sizes. They glued them on as "bones." If your kids are older, they probably wouldn't even need the template.
From The Diet Coke Diet
From The Diet Coke Diet
3. Bats on a stick. Ours got ripped, but we made construction paper bats and then taped them to skewers. The plan was to stick them all over the house plants, but like I said, ours got loves a bit too much. So no pictures.

4. Paper Towel Roll Mummies. Ours are actually a wrapping paper roll cut up, but toilet paper would work as well. We made "paper mache" which was actually white glue, diluted until it was pretty thin. We dipped white strips of paper, about 1 inch wide and 6 inches long, in the glue and paper mached the rolls. It took a whole day to dry, but when they did, they were rock hard. Then, we traced the paper mache lines and had our "mummy" look. We added faces, and BAM cute mummies.
From The Diet Coke Diet
5. Halloween collage. Simple as it sounds, we drew Halloween pictures, and stuck them to an orange piece of poster board. Viola. Collage.
From The Diet Coke Diet

So there ya have it, five projects for the week. The only things I actually purchased were the supplies for the banner. Everything else was stuff we had on hand.

Have fun!


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