How to Make A Kid-Sized Snuggie

>> Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Guys, I just wrote this entire post and then accidentally deleted it and then Blogger SO kindly autosaved an empty post. I AM SAD.

Anyway, so, to make a Snuggie, or not to make a Snuggie, that is the question.

Well, if you can get polar fleece material for $5 a yard or less, then yes, it's worth it, for a kid-sized Snuggie.

You can't buy them in the store for less than $15. Another fun reason, is then you have a MILLION patterns to choose from.

So, if you get the fleece on sale, then Snuggie-making is a worthy endeavor. I made 2 kid Snuggies and a fleece blanket for Oliver for $15. A good deal, if I do say so myself.

What you'll need:
1 yard per Snuggie of polar, anti-pill fleece
Measuring tape and pins

Measure your kid and then decide what size to go with.
Measure shoulder to floor length, chest width and arm length.I ended up making mine 40 inches by 40 inches square.
Cut off any logo or salvage edge before cutting your Snuggie.

There! The blanket-part is done.


Using your measurement, make the sleeves by cutting two rectangles of fabric. Add six inches to the length and make them double as wide as you want the finished sleeves. Henry's arm length was 18, so I cut a 24x18 rectangle for each sleeve.

Fold the sleeve in half, length-wise (hot dog style!) and sew up the open side, leaving six inches unsewn at the top.

Do this with both sleeves. Leave them inside out, for now.
Cut top part of the sleeve with notches. This will allow it to lay flatter when you sew it on.
From The Diet Coke Diet

Now, to place your sleeves, measure down from the top of your blanket piece 10 or so inches. Then, find the exact middle and pin it. (Mine was 20 inches.) Then find the THIRDS and pin.

So, I had pins in 20 inches, 10 inches and 30 inches. Does that make sense? If your Snuggie isn't 40 inches, then the math part is ALL you.

The THIRDS measurements are your exact middle of each sleeve.

Open up the sleeve on the unsewn edge. Lay the sleeve so the open, unsewn side is open wide and flat on the bottom and the "mountains" are splayed out on the top, like a peacock tail. Make sure it's centered at the pin-mark. So the exact middle of my sleeves lined up at 10 inches and 30 inches. Makes sense, right?
From The Diet Coke Diet
Can you see how that is? I tried oh so hard to make it clear.

Pin and sew. 

When you're done sewing the sleeve on, you'll have, on the OTHER side, this: 
From The Diet Coke Diet
Insert your scissors and cut away the fabric, revealing the sleeve. Cut as close to the seam as you can. Cut as nice and neatly as possible and pull the sleeve through the hole. On the BACK side your sleeve will look like this: 
From The Diet Coke Diet
Trim the edges super short and as neat as can be. On the outside, you'll have a bit of a raw edge showing. But we don't care because it's fleece, and it doesn't fray. NICE!
From The Diet Coke Diet
That picture is horrible, but you can kind of see the raw edge. But it looks smooth. 

Repeat, on the other side.

From The Diet Coke Diet
I wish I could show it to you on a kid, but they are for Christmas, so no-go.

OH BUT WAIT! I did manage to coerce my littlest brother to try on Henry's. It's a bit small, but DANG he is ROCKING that Snuggie.
From The Diet Coke Diet

WAIT! One more!
From The Diet Coke Diet
And he's such a good sport!

But really, it's super easy! The sleeves are the trickiest part, but even then,  you can TOTALLY do it. Affordable, custom-made, cute-patterned snuggies. GREAT for the cold weather ahead and cozy movie and book time. 

YAY! It took me about 30 minutes to make one, once I figured out the sleeves. :)

Give it whirl.


Cindy Webster,  October 6, 2010 at 7:33 PM  

You should send those pics to the snuggies site and have them post it. I've been tempted to try to make my own and you may have just inspired me. Although I'm not a very good at sewing...maybe you could sell them. I would be your first customer:)

JessieMomma October 11, 2010 at 11:01 PM  

I TOTALLY almost bought that fleece for my nephew last week! LOVE it!!! Thanks so much for the tut... my girls want snuggies. I hope I'll have enough leftovers from thier christmas pjs

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