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>> Monday, December 27, 2010

It's me. Morgan. How are you? How were your Christmas celebrations? Did you get a new Ipad? Hope not, cuz the next one comes out in like three months and it's got a video camera. How about that?

Anyway, sorry. We're not here to discuss Ipads.

 I'm here to tell you I'm retiring.

Okay, not really, but I am moving locales. See, I am finding that having 100 children is proving to be a bit like well, like the old woman who lived in the shoe, see? So, since I have so many children, I don't know what to do, and I don't believe in spanking, I'm forced to like, parent them and stuff.

This is hard for me.

And I am finding that since Erin had a baby and is working full time she's never around anymore.

And I don't want to just leave The Diet Coke Diet to die a quiet death, slipping into the night like a long forgotten PBandJ sandwich left on the dinner table. Ya feel me?

I know you do.

And while I have a lot ideas, I have no time to make them come to fruition. Like I said, 100 children is a lot.

Don't cry for me, Blog-friends. The truth is, I never left you. I've just been blogging primarily at my family's site. And I've decided to leave this space for a while, and take any and all how-to's I might create there with me.

I'm toying with importing this here blog into that there blog, but frankly I'm not entirely certain how that would work and it makes me mighty twitchy. Cuz I don't want to mess up EITHER blog's content or dating, or whatev.

So, for now, I'll not be updating here. Please PLEASE PLEASE join me at The -Ing Family if you haven't already. It's a bit more "kids" and "family" but like I said, I'm going to go ahead and start incorporating some how-to's there as well. To keep it all balanced.

Balance is important, I think.


Join me friends. It'll be fun.

And if/when my 100 children cease to be a huge demand on my time to the point where the only how-to's I am writing are "How to check and see if anyone has on clean underwear" I'll let you know. I promise. You'll be the first to know.

Come on over.

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