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>> Friday, December 17, 2010

Hi all! So, I'm not fully "back" into the swing of things. Did you know that four kids is A LOT? Yes. It is.

Anyway, because of our very very very new newbie + the stomach flu for the older three, it's been a little less than jolly around here. The baby is not so much the problem, he's kind of easy, and straightforward. Eat, sleep and poop, like all newborns. No, it's more the end of the semester for the husband (who not only is a PhD student but a professor as well, DOUBLE-WHAMMY!) and a leaky toilet causing all kinds of issues, and cold weather and did I mention the stomach flu?

See? My days are looking a little less than merry and bright.

But, that doesn't change the fact that it's CHRISTMAS in a week, and kids don't care if parents are stressed or tired or sick or anything else. They just want to enjoy Christmas.

So, I'm trying to bring the cheer around here. We made cookies (during the stomach flu, I am FANTASTIC!). And I'm looking at fantastic Christmas crafts that I have no energy to do, but we did paint wooden ornaments.

So, tell me friends, how are YOU bringing the cheer to your home this year? Parties? Baked goods? Got any good recipes to share? Ginger bread or graham cracker houses? Caroling? Service? What are you doing to be merry and bright? Inspire me, folks. I am a mama in need.

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Lynn December 18, 2010 at 9:01 AM  

My family is far away this year, so I invited another family to help put up the tree and decorate. The kids had a blast with the Christmas village people. I have a decorated home. Now I just need someone to pack it all away at the end.

Flu comes and goes but Christmas memories last forever--but you are smart to take care of yourself and cut back on what you do.

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