Goals for the New School Year

>> Monday, August 22, 2011

From August 2011
So, the new school year is coming upon many of us. 

A fresh start. 

A blank slate. 

A new spiral bound notebook of possibilities.

Okay, enough of that. 

I am a bit obsessed with goal-setting. New Year's Resolutions? Don't mind if I do! Birthday? Goals galore? New school year? Yes please!

So, I've got a whole slew of goals to accomplish this year. Personal, for the kids and for our family. 

Do you? 

I mean, it can be as simple as, "Andrea will learn to tie her shoes this year!" And then you work with her on it. Even if she isn't quite there by summer 2012, at least you worked toward it! Good for you!

It could be also, "Read a book a month as a family." See how very school-related that is?

Set three goals for the school year! 
1. Personal
2. Kids
3. Family



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