How to Make a Green Smoothie

>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So, there is a lot of talk about "Green Smoothies" these days all over the interwebs.

What the heck? Spinach smoothies? Seriously, it's SOUNDS  really yucky.

And I suppose if you just threw some ice cream and spinach in a blender, it probably WOULD be disgusting.

But that's not how we roll here at The Diet Coke Diet.

Nope, we're all about quick, healthy and YUMMY at our house.

Here's a quick "How-To"

Select your base.
Milk + Ice
Yogurt + Ice
Juice + Ice
Frozen Yogurt + a bit of milk/juice

Basically, whatever you like.

Tonight at our house it was Dreyer's fat free vanilla frozen yogurt and ice, with a wee bit of milk.

Next, Select your fruit:
You can use fully frozen stuff they sell in the store. If you do that, you probably DON'T need the ice.
Fresh fruits

Now, this is IMPORTANT so pay attention:

In order to cover the "Green" flavor of the spinach, I STRONGLY suggest you use bananas as ONE of the fruits. 2-4, depending on "banana-y" you want it to taste and how much you're making.

Tonight's fruits at our house were:
Bananas (4)
Strawberries (10-12)
Blueberries (a cup)

From The Diet Coke Diet

We've also used mango (YUMMMMMMM) and peaches. Or really any kind of fruit. Apples are ok, but you're going to need something else to boost the flavor.

If you want it REALLY green, put in 2 cups.
If you want it kinda green put in 1 1/2 cups
If you just want to feel good that there is spinach in your smoothie, put 1 cup or less.

You can add honey or agave too, if that floats your boat.
Also, flax seed can be a nice additive for general heart health.


From The Diet Coke Diet

If it's not as "frozen" as you like it, add ice. If it's TOO thick, add milk or juice.

Depending on what kinds of fruit you use, it MAY or MAY NOT actually be green. Ours was very purple tonight because of the blueberries. The other morning, with bananas and mangos, it was a lovely grass color.

From The Diet Coke Diet


One blender-full provided a good amount for all 5 of us. (One of us being tiny, Two of us being small, and two of us being large-ish.)

We had them for dinner with homemade bread and (store bought) cheese. It was delightful.
From The Diet Coke Diet


TJDKG February 10, 2010 at 9:30 AM  

You could be like me and do 1 banana, 2 cups spinach, 1 cup frozen strawberries (whole frozen strawberries, not the sugar/syrup ones) and then water no juice or anything extra sweet. It really is NOT bad and my kids love it. My husband not so much, he couldn't get passed the spinach part, oh well more for me. Oh and we use a small cup type blender attachment, it holds like 20ish oz. So good, maybe I'll go make one now.

Morgan -Ing February 10, 2010 at 11:03 AM  

Yeah, Derek was skeptical the first time I handed him a bright green smoothie. But he was brave and did it.

And yeah, if you use frozen fruit you may not need any kind of base at all. I actually prefer it with just frozen fruit, but if I don't have frozen fruit, I ALWAYS have ice and milk, so that makes it do-able.

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