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>> Friday, February 12, 2010

That has a ring to it, no?

Anyway, here are the tips to send you off into the weekend with:

First, going back to vinegar as a deodorizer, you know how after you cut up fresh garlic and/or onions, the smell lingers on your hands, even after you wash 'em? Rinse them in white vinegar first. Then wash.

No more smell.

And finally, so, yesterday I cleaned the bathrooms, right? Well, this tidbit works well for mirrors, windows, any glass surface really.





From The Diet Coke Diet

Use it instead of a cloth or a paper towel. It is AMAZING how well it cleans. NO smudges.

It even works on metal fixtures:
From The Diet Coke Diet
So shiny!

It does not work on counter tops, or toilets.  (It smudges.)

It's a miracle. Give it a try. NO fuzzies or fibers left behind. I've used newpaper that was printed and I've used blank clean newsprint from packing boxes one of the 14 times we've moved. Both work equally well.

NO CLUE why.

But it's amazing.


Alisa and Jared February 23, 2010 at 7:14 PM  

I totally grew up with newspaper window/mirror cleaning. Seriously--nothing else cuts it!

And THANK YOU for the vinegar trick. My sisters will appreciate this one, too. We smell like onion and garlic for DAYS!!

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